How to choose a writing desk for your home office?

To be productive and comfortable while working from home, it’s important to find a suitable writing desk. But what exactly makes a writing desk suitable? I’ll delve into that in this post.

Due to the pandemic, many employees were forced to stay in their home offices, and back then, there was little talk about how to manage remote work from home or what an ideal writing desk should be like. Many ended up working at a “random” table, on the sofa, in bed, or even at the dining table. This challenged even the most dedicated office worker.

Working from home brought about problems that had not been experienced before. For example, it was very easy to procrastinate and engage in household chores instead of work. Overworking was common because it was difficult to switch off from work mode when living in your workspace. Where was the boundary between work and personal life? It was blurred. Suddenly, colleagues were separated, leading to feelings of loneliness. To address this, many companies used video calls for communication and meetings, but this did not replace face-to-face interaction.

As time passed, more thought was given to what it takes to successfully work from home. How should one plan their day? What factors need to be considered? What should a home office even look like? How to detach from work thoughts? How to focus on work? But those are topics for another post. I’ve outlined 10 tips for being effective while working from home in this post.

But let’s get back to the main topic: home office desks. How do you choose the right writing desk for yourself, and why is it so important?

I wouldn’t have believed it a couple of years ago, but after developing and using the ANNA writing desk I can say that a writing desk has a greater impact than you might think. When you experience working from home with a desk customized to your needs, you’ll never go back to your old desk. You’ll find yourself wondering how you ever got anything done before. The difference is enormous. How you feel. How satisfied you are. How energetic and motivated you are. How well you can focus on work. How much more work you can accomplish in less time.

A writing desk is a central element of a home office, affecting your productivity, well-being, and overall comfort. Choosing a writing desk is not the place to cut corners because you spend most of your waking hours at that desk. Therefore, it’s important to choose a writing desk that aligns with your needs and makes you feel good. So that you want to give your best and move towards your goals.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a new writing desk and designing your perfect home office:

1. Set your intention

Make it a priority to have a home office desk only for work and to help you achieve your goals, stay focused, and feel comfortable. If you don’t have such an intention, no desk is a magic solution that will bring you desired results effortlessly. You still have to make an effort and take action. A writing desk is merely a tool to help you achieve your goals faster and feel more comfortable and satisfied while doing so.

I’ll remind you why it’s important that your writing desk is intended solely for work. That way, you draw a clear boundary between work and personal life. This is especially crucial at home, where transitioning between roles is much harder, especially when you don’t have a separate office space.

It reminds me of James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits“, which talks about how habits shape us and how to create good habits while breaking bad ones. The insights from this book are beneficial not only for working from home but also for life in general. The part of the book that resonated with me was about having a designated place for each activity. For example, Clear mentioned that when he worked at the dining table, it was difficult for him to stop working in the evenings because there wasn’t a clear boundary between work and personal life. However, once he had a separate office, it became much easier to switch between work and personal time.

2. Consider your needs

Not just any desk will help you more than a writing desk tailored to your exact needs. Because then you can feel comfortable. You can focus on actual work. You’ll have more free time. You’ll be more productive. You’ll be more satisfied. You’ll be able to focus better and keep your focus on what matters.

So think about:

  • your tasks;
  • how much time you spend at the desk;
  • your posture while working;
  • your work tools or what you need to get all your tasks done while working from home;
  • how large of a desk you need;
  • if you need to print and store papers;
  • what storage space you need for work items;
  • what you need besides the writing desk (cabinets, shelves, drawers);
  • if you only have a laptop or also use screens;
  • if you need separate power outlets on the desk or a cable management system;
  • if you need the desk to be adjustable or fixed height.

Once you’ve thought about these, you can start thinking about what desk you need or what criteria your future home office desk must meet.

3. If you're looking for a solution to a specific problem

If you’ve already worked from home and know exactly what your needs are but feel that something is still preventing you from being an efficient and satisfied worker, it’s time to think about what that problem or reason might be.

  1. Are you working in a one-bedroom apartment and don’t have space for a separate writing desk?
  2. Are your work items always in sight, making it hard for you to get away from work thoughts?
  3. Is your desk always a big mess, and cleaning it up is the last thing you want to do?
  4. Are you tired of wires lying around everywhere, hindering you from comfortably cleaning the floor?
  5. Is your dining table covered with work stuff?
  6. Are you constantly overworking?
  7. Are you constantly postponing your work tasks?
  8. Due to lifestyle changes, do you have to move your home office to the living room but don’t want a visible home office?
  9. Do you not have space for a separate writing desk?
  10. Do you want to quickly hide your home office?

Once you’ve identified that you have a specific problem, you can look for the best solutions. Because your well-being changes so much when you no longer have that distracting problem preventing you from giving your best at work. I’m so happy to announce that my mission is to find solutions to all these problems and offer a writing desk tailored to your needs for your home office. To do this, write to me at

4. Consider the space where your home office will be

If you have a separate room, you don’t need to focus so much on the desk’s functions. But if you work in the bedroom or living room and have limited space, it’s essential to think about how your home office will affect your overall well-being. You need to consider the space to determine the desk’s possible dimensions and think about whether they align with your needs or if you need to compromise in some areas. Also, the desk needs to match the surrounding environment, as this determines your overall mood.

Think about:

  • how big of a desk fits in your desired space;
  • how windows, power outlets, doors, and other obstacles affect your home office’s location;
  • what shape of the desk fits your room;
  • what additional items you still need (cabinets, shelves, drawers) and how to place them;
  • if there’s enough room for movement (you can tape the floor with the desk size, and chair-size, to get an idea of how the space will be divided);
  • what materials match your environment;
  • what color tones match your environment and how they support your goal of working from home (helping you focus, inspiring you, being calming).

5. Choose a suitable home office desk

Once you’ve determined all your needs and wants, review the solutions available on the market and choose a desk that suits your needs and budget. Remember that it’s a long-term investment, and it’s not a place to cut corners because you spend most of your waking hours at your home office desk, and there’s a difference between desks. Be sure to pay attention to the choice of materials so that they are easy to clean and durable over time.

Smart Home Office desks are specially designed for small homes where it’s not possible to create a separate office or home office corner. Currently, our selection includes 2 functional desks: one for the bedroom or living room, the ANNA writing desk, and the other for the kitchen and/or living room, the NELE writing desk. Both desks can be easily hidden, creating a clear boundary between work and personal life.

The ANNA home office desk features a 100% fully opening soft-close drawer, an additional flap for organizing your cable management, and is connected to the main flap via a tunnel to hide all visible cables. So create order in your home office, and forget about dust and clutter on your desk. Enjoy increased work efficiency, satisfaction, and comfort. There’s enough space under the flap to accommodate a screen, a larger laptop, a mouse, and even a coffee cup.

If you feel like you can’t find a suitable solution, contact me by email at, and together we’ll develop your dream home office desk. I’m also happy to help you with various questions to create a home office corner that suits your needs. Write to me, and let’s schedule a meeting to go over your potential home office together.

And you’re ready to take your work-from-home experience to a whole new level. Enjoy increased productivity and well-being in your own home!

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